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Myaderm CBD is a highly reputable online seller of transdermal CBD creams. Formulated by a licensed pharmacist, their CBD cream is designed to reduce inflammation in muscle and connective tissues to help manage discomfort.

Myaderm ships to all 50 U.S. states and shipping is free on orders of $24.99 or more. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their regular size products. Use coupon code “cbdoilusers” for 10% off your order.

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“I started with sample, loved results so much I purchased the double full bottles. I have chronic pain, RA, osteo, fibro and use Myaderm daily and am impressed with results. Since my pain is all over, I love that it helps area applied and goes into blood stream ro help my whole body.” – L. Roberts

“Game changer. I ordered the Myaderm sample pack on Thursday and received it today. Rubbed one on my lower abdomen to knock out unexpected cramps of the feminine kind and within 60 seconds – gone!!!!!! Game changer. Love this stuff.” – Ang

“I bought this in the hope that it would help my rosacea and it really did. Redness and bumps are gone. I’ll use this for acne breakouts too.” – J. Morrison

“After being very skeptical of using the topical cream because I have such chronic pain from nerve damage I was very surprised when it alleviated a substantial amount of my pain from being on my feet all day working. granted it’s not a miracle cure and I do still have pain but it has been decreased amazingly and I am shocked by the results.” – L. Bryant

“I ordered Myaderm for some severe pain I have been experiencing in my hands. I ordered on a Tuesday and received my order on Saturday. Myaderm kept me updated on my ordered even telling me when it was delivered to my mailbox. The relief I felt was amazing and within an hour of use. THANK YOU MYADERM!!” – P. Taylor

“Myaderm transdermal cream helps more for my mother’s nerve pain from her herniated disc than the hydrocodone the doctor gave her! The Pro strength helps her with the pain about the same as the regular strength, but lasts 6 to 8 hours where the regular strength lasts her about 4. She isn’t pain free, but this is the best help we’ve found while we wait for surgery! It also helped her friend with her arthritic knee pain. The friend is waiting to get her knee replaced, and it hurts her greatly. One small pump of the regular strength, and within minutes she could push on the knee with no pain! Was stunned when she stood on it with no pain! She’s now a customer.” – Becky N.

“I first tried the sample pack and was impressed. Now I’m using the “Pro” version for a seemingly pinched nerve in my lower back which caused debilitating pain down my leg. WOW! RELIEF for HOURS! Using 2pumps on the one area of my butt (coming from my spine). YES it works better than any other OTC product!” – Brenda W.

“I have been through one bottle of the 7mg per pump stuff and am thrilled. I have RA and generally have something that is randomly hurting. RX has never helped with severe pain. I was grateful that I had ordered the Myaderm Pro, which is 14 mg per pump, as well, last week because I fell, spraining my ankle, skinning knees, etc. The Myaderm Pro kept me in relative comfort for days. I am now using it because one foot is still swollen. It helps there too. I love the stuff and just ordered more. I almost feel like I don’t need to take the oil, but I do. Yes, it is expensive but worth every penny for me. Do order the samples first. It doesn’t work for some. I have never had a topical that lasted so long.” – Sharon

“I love MyadermPro transdermal cream for muscle aches and pains. It’s been a huge help for me with 3 back surgeries, L2-S1 bone on bone and Rheumatoid Disease.” – Lori

“I started using Myaderm Pro about a week ago on my shoulders at bedtime and have had wonderful results! I no longer have to keep changing from sleeping on one side and then needing to turn over to the other side because my shoulder was killing me. I would then have to turn back over to the other side because that shoulder was killing me. My needing to continually turn from one side to the other due to shoulder pain went on all night. Now that I am using Myaderm Pro, I have no shoulder pain at all at night and am able to get a good nights sleep every night!” – Judy C.